July 2015- Crikey! This is my new website. Hopefully a few people find it.

It's the middle of winter and I'm playing with some semi-abstract ideas and getting an itch to get the watercolours out again. So the next few weeks should turn up some really new work.

August 2015- The days are getting a bit longer so Spring is just around the corner. I'm looking forward to getting outside to paint.

A painting friend from down the road, Denis Brockie, recently won the Darcy Doyle Landscape Prize for the third time. Well done. I think his work is really good. If you want to see some, his web site is

September 2015- The "new work" bird paintings are going OK. I'm fairly pleased with some. They're a new style with an abstract background and done with loose brushwork overall. They're more fun to do as well. Using a loose style allows a more relaxed approach.

January 2016- Work in the garden has occupied most of my time over the past month, however a few days were spent plein air painting down on the upper Murray River last month. It was good to get away for a bit. There was only limited painting time available each day, though, as there was a heat wave on that made the acrylic paint dry very quickly. Only about an hour was available to do each painting. A lesson learnt. Autumn or Spring would have been fine with temperatures probably 6-8 degrees cooler.

February 2016- The last few weeks have been spent painting and framing for my exhibition opening at Bungendore Fine Art on 5th March. There's 50 paintings and it will go for two months. There's a mix of my new semi abstract bird works along with some more traditional landscapes, mainly set in the Snowy Mountains area. Hope it goes well.

July 2017- It's been a while since since I've put down anything here. There's been some personal things going on that have temporarily put the slowed the painting output, but now I'm getting back in to it. It's winter and there's frost some mornings. In a month or so the weather will likely turn a bit and some plein air painting will get going. I just did a small exhibtion at the local Snowflakes Festival. A good time was had.